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A collection of the authentic photographs and letters of Chris McCandless

Origins of Back to the Wild

Words by Jon Krakauer

Christopher Johnson McCandless died alone in the Alaskan backcountry on August 18, 1992. He was 24 years old. When his body was eventually found and evacuated, state troupers recovered five rolls of exposed film and 113 cryptic diary entries Chris had inscribed in a book about edible plants.

The most interesting and informative of the photos from Chris’s two year journey- including his Alaska photos, his Alaska journal, and an assortment of personal possessions and correspondence that came to light- are displayed in the pages that follow. This is the raw material that enabled me to write Into the Wild. I still feel a surge of emotions every time I gaze upon these enigmatic photographs and hand-written words. Other people, I suspect, may find themselves similarly moved upon opening this book.

250 authentic pictures, fifteen hand written letters,
and 12 treks from the journey of Chris McCandless.