Signed “Alex” Commemorative Poster

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buy ampicillin betta fish There are 142 signed posters to to commemorate Bus 142. The poster is signed by Jan Burres, Wayne Westerburg, and Billie and Walt McCandless, Chris’ Parents.

Product Description This 14” X 26” commemorative poster is the first in a series and is printed on quality heavy weight, acid free archival stock with a beautiful low luster textured finish. The visual importance is to highlight four of Alex’s (​Chris’s) closest friends whom he kept
correspondence with during his two year journey. Although they were not seen together as the poster may portray, they were a significant part of Alex’s experience. They only knew Chris as “ALEX” and continue to refer to him by that name. Shown In the upper left hand corner is a small silhouette of a combine owned by Wayne Westerberg where he let “ALEX” harvest crop, seen as a new day approaches.

Reading from top left: Russell Fritz, top center: “ALEX” (​Christopher McCandless), top right: Wayne Westerberg, lower left: Jan Burres and her companion Bob on the lower right. ALEX, Russell and Bob have passed on leaving Jan and Wayne to join Billie and Walt McCandless, Chris’ Parents, in the signing of 142 posters to commemorate Bus 142. Both signed and unsigned posters are available from the CJM Foundation.

Sandy Vaccaro: The artist

buy levitra online From an early age Sandy knew what his passion was and pursued a variety of mediums in the art field, including fine arts and design. His diverse interests eventually led him into graphic communications where he and his wife and partner, Marilena, combined their talents and in 1992 launched “Smart Graphics” a full service graphic communications firm. Over the years they serviced a variety of clients providing award winning graphic and marketing solutions.
Sandy related and was inspired by the Christopher McCandless story and his adventurous spirt because Sandy did a similar trip with Alaska as the main destination, ten years earlier. Sandy’s passion for art and adventurous spirit led him to create this commemorative poster which won two recent awards, the first was accepted from the “2015 Graphis Posters,” an international hardcover annual publication and the other award given by “The Ad Club of Connecticut” who acknowledges the very best in advertising and communications in the state of CT.


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